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October is Depression Awareness Month

Clinical depression is a major leading cause of morbidity and mortality but it is oftentimes overlooked and undertreated. The negative perception and lack of understanding of this condition prevents millions of people from seeking appropriate and on-time medical help, leading to distress and increased burden for affected people and their families. Stigma against mental illness and mental health illiteracy has been strongly related to under-recognition of mental disorders and short- and long-term disability and poverty (1).

Clinical Depression is a treatable condition. If you want to learn more about clinical depression and other common psychiatric conditions, then please call today or visit our facilities to arrange a confidential mental health consultation.

1-Santiago Almanzar, M.D., , Shah, N., Vithalani, S., Shah, S., Squires, J., Appasani, R. and Katz, C.L., 2014. Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward Clinical Depression Among Health Providers in Gujarat, India. Annals of Global Health, 80(2), pp.89–95.

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