Freespira: A nondrug treatment for Panic Attacks and PTSD symptoms

A Revolutionary, At-home, Drug-free Treatment

Many individuals suffering from repeated panic attacks as a result of PTSD or anxiety disorders exhibit frequent episodes of hyperventilation and/or inconsistent breathing patterns and low CO2 levels. Freespira helps alleviate these symptoms through facilitated breathing exercise, correcting breathing dysfunction to significantly reduce symptoms of panic attacks or PTSD symptoms.

What to Expect

Freespira is a drug-free, at home treatment option that teaches users how to control breathing patterns and/or increase their exhaled carbon dioxide levels into the normal range. Using a proprietary sensor and tablet app, users will be able to assess their breathing rates and exhaled carbon dioxide levels to track progress. The treatment lasts 28 days and requires training administered by a specialized Freespira coach.

Freespira shows great promise for treating panic attacks while offering long-lasting freedom from the debilitating and frightening symptoms of panic attacks and PTSD symptoms. The treatment is not meant to be used during a panic attack, but as a preventative measure to reduce future panic attacks. Many Freespira users experience significant results, with 86% of patients seeing full recovery from panic attacks directly after completing the 4 week treatment plan.

Freespira® is the only FDA-cleared digital therapeutic proven to significantly reduce panic attacks and PTSD symptoms. Freespira® treatment is available at CMHS. Freespira® is a registered trademark of Freespira, Inc.

How Does It Work?

If you suffer from panic attacks, PTSD symptoms or overwhelming feelings of fear, Freespira may be the treatment for you.