Medication Management

Finding the correct balance to help you recover sooner

Balancing Your Medication Course of Treatment

Medication is an effective treatment for managing a patient’s mental and physical health. Although helpful in most cases, medication can also create harmful effects if taken or managed incorrectly.

Compassion Mental Health removes the dangers of improper medication and possible dose inaccuracies through outpatient medication management services. Our professionals help patients find the ideal medicative treatment plan, monitor side-effects, and offer continued dosage supervision until determining the proper prescription necessary to facilitate an active recovery.

Our staff of board-certified psychiatrists specializes in managing severe and persistent mental health conditions, including:

  • Mood disorders
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Complicated psychosis

We also focus on child psychology and provide help with managing children and adolescents who struggle with emotional distress and mental health challenges.

What to Expect

We use evidence-based treatment, follow the most current guidelines, and partner with families and individuals to find the best treatment available. Although some patients may experience side effects, psychotropic medications can be a saving grace for individuals who struggle with acute and chronic mental health illnesses. We guide our clients through the treatment process and strive to provide psychoeducational resources to increase adherence and minimize potential risks and side effects.

We’ll start with an introspective evaluation of the patient’s mental health history. After determining whether medication is the proper course of treatment, we’ll closely monitor the patient’s reaction to the medication and possible side effects experienced until finding the correct brand and dosage optimal for recovery.

At Compassion Mental Health Services, we are fully equipped to assist individuals manage their medication to help them live happy, active lives.

How does medication management work?

Find out if Compassion’s Medication Management can benefit your path to recovery.